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Unapologetically original, uncompromising in their vision, Edmonton-based El Niven and The Alibi (ENATA) create music which is equal parts poetically-bittersweet and rank rock and roll. With a natural bent for lyrics, ENATA’s sound, infused with life-experience and grunge rock attitude, is undeniably theirs.


ENATA was conceived in a musical therapy program at a juvenile detention centre when guitarist and lead singer, Elliot Niven, met drummer, Jeff Burwash, in their youth. With an obsession for groove-laden rock and roll, ENATA’s combined devil may care attitudes – together with a love of being on the road – has landed the band on a musical stride. Over the last few years, this has resulted in a collection of “dangerous music.” They are true blue rock and rollers, blazing a path with their own brand of Western Rock.


Niven’s music grabs people’s interest. As he says, “I have things to say and people to reach.”


ENATA brings unprecedented energy to their live shows, playing on stages of all sizes across Western Canada, the U.S and South America, having performed on large stages with the likes of U.S.S., Current Swell, and Dear Rouge. To supplement live shows and deliver music to everyone, ENATA has been engaged in a project called the “ – Or Busk” tours. Most recently, in the winter of 2020, they did a “Baja – Or Busk” tour. On this trip they drove the entire length of the Baja, Mexico from Tijuana, to LaPaz and back over three weeks, picking up local gigs and playing in the streets nightly. And in 2018, they completed an “America – Or Busk” tour, where they drove from Edmonton, Alberta to New York, across to L.A. and back to Edmonton, playing fully-amplified and electric gigs on the streets and creating content of the tour enroute.

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