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Ontario Tour with Big Wreck: Recap

During the month of April 2022, we had the privilege of touring and learning from some of the veterans in the industry, a band we grew up listening to: Big Wreck. It was an amazing 2 weeks traveling and playing sold out venues across Ontario! Check out some of the photos from the shows below as well as a recap video of the experience.

The tour took us to five cities starting with a sold out Oshawa, heading to Peterborough, Sudbury, North Bay and finishing in again with a sold out Waterloo!

We learned quick and got to see the amazing professionalism that exist at this level and with Big Wreck and their Crew. Ontario, we hope to see you again soon!

Catch us at one of our upcoming live shows. and check out more photos from the tour and follow for updates on our social media

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Stay tuned for more original music!

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